The player takes control of furloughed chicken police detective Sontino “Sonny” Featherland. Despite being somewhat essential to getting through the story, they are probably the weakest parts of the game. With key characters, going through these lists of questions also tends to open the final interaction point, “Interrogate.” It's a little confusing having three interaction options all based around asking questions, but these fowl are clearly very thorough with their detective work. Great. Screenshot: Chicken Police Chicken Police is a gorgeous, hilarious game with unmatched cinematic presentation. Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we were provided with a promotional copy of the game. I knew better than to review Chicken Police – Paint it RED! Another sequence that sees you retire to your detective cork board to piece together people and clues should in theory be a great way of tying up everything that has happened recently, but because of the unclear manner in which things are worded, I was often left just dragging every option to the board until something worked. Bringing back memories of Grim Fandango's melancholic jazz-tinged score, the music here is every bit as brooding and epic as you would expect from a game inspired by film noir greats, full of wailing trumpets and grand pianos. combines the storytelling of a visual novel with the puzzle-solving of a point-and-click adventure to create a decidedly different gaming experience. Details . They have been created with a fantastic level of detail and life, and not only that, they feel like an animal has lived in them for a while, and experienced a recession or two. Just when I thought I have seen it all…a game utilizing animal heads with human bodies comes and fascinates me. Chicken Police has you make your own small versions, piecing together the latest clues with suspects, making a connection by dragging the cursor from one to another, and then trying to explain that connection. Chicken Police is a point-and-click noir-driven adventure game that follows the legendary detective duo of Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken on a case where the town's animal instincts are about to go wild. 40° Fresh. You won't always be able to revisit those limited scenes later on, either. 16d ago. Required fields are marked *. It’s going to be a good one, I can feel it in my wattle. Chicken Police has you make your own small versions, piecing together the latest clues with suspects, making a connection by dragging the cursor from one to another, and then trying to explain that connection. It’s also the most novel-like visual novel type game I’ve ever played, because of the prose-like first-person narration. It’s stylish, sassy and fun – Sin City with a wattle. 19d ago. for Xbox One game reviews & Metacritic score: Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken were once legendary detective partners in Clawville PD. Entertaining characters. Learn how your comment data is processed. Whether it was a game about chicken police officers, or a fowl crimes division staffed by humans, I would have been happy with either bit of absurdity. In fact, nearly all of the performers’ efforts are of a very high standard, bringing an even more cinematic quality to an already atmospheric title. But you can also get every single question right on focus and earn achievements for each of these sections. There’s dialogue to kill for, a murder-strewn story of dames and detectives, and a murky investigation into the seedy heart of a corrupt city. I hope Chicken Police does well enough to spawn a few sequels, more cases from the in-universe Chicken Police novels, like the Philip Marlowe books by Raymond Chandler that it so clearly homages. One might be timid, so you need to use coaxing words, one might be flippant and adept at lying, so try to catch them out with your question choice. Video Chicken Police is a gritty detective adventure, where the tone is as dark as the monochromatic city Sonny patrols, even though he is currently on suspension… Marty considers how “a fox is a wolf who sends flowers,” whilst Sonny's inner monologue remarks how a broad “uses danger like perfume.” There's also a fair bit of sexist language, with females often being talked down to or dismissed, but perhaps that’s to be expected for a game in an era not known for its feminist sensibilities. Sonny will interject with clues as to the suspect’s mindset, but these are really just that – clues – it’s up to your own judgement which questions to ask. Review There’s a jukebox at the local raccoon-run dive where you can listen to them all in-game, which is a feature I always like. The Wild Gentlemen Natasha is a well-known singer at the Czar Club, and the girlfriend of famous rat gangster Ibn Wessler. Chicken Police: Paint it RED! I could happily play another adventure, a prequel back when the Chicken Police were famous, or one that follows on from this fantastic case. Pros: Compelling and hilarious storytelling. There’s no gimmicks, no superfluous item combining, or extraneous mechanics or survival elements here, everything has purpose tied in to the plot. Noir mystery with detectives and femme fatales – Check. Be aware that some locales extend out beyond the left and right of the screen – the point is don’t get stuck trying to find an exit that is off screen like I did a couple of times. Still, the fact that so much effort has been put into so richly building the world is always welcome. There were also things I wanted to ask to uncover more details about the case, but which lost me points and gave me a lower ranking at the end of the round if I did. In essence, Chicken Police is a gritty, surprisingly sweary version of Sam and Max, combining LA Noire mechanics with the world and buddy-cop-style dynamics of Zootopia. Chicken Police – Paint it RED! I would have preferred a few instances in the plot where you could find clues in a more roundabout fashion, or do a few less scripted things. Developer: The Wild GentlemenPublisher: HandyGames, THQ Nordic. Upon arrival at a given location, there might be some detective work to be done. The problem is that the particular characteristics are often quite abstract, such as “feels like an imposter,” so it’s very hard to link them to a specific question. Platform PC PlayStation 4 Switch Xbox One. Releasing today, on all platforms from the developers over at The Wild Gentlemen, a point-and-click film noir detective adventure game set in the fictional world of the wilderness. Counting down his 121 days until retirement, investigator Sonny Featherland is one half of the legendary Chicken Police. The slick, cinema noir style and distinctive anthropomorphic presentation do enough to cover up any shortcomings that would otherwise … Source: N4G PC Chicken Police – Paint it RED! Review Playscore of Chicken Police – Paint it RED! Good. Review: Chicken Police – Paint it RED! Review – Chicken Police – Paint it RED! Even just booting it up and soaking up that 1930s jazz on the menu screen, it’s pretty clear what you’re about to get from Chicken Police. Loitering in … Chicken Police - Paint it RED! Pin It. SilentSigns reviews Chicken Police on PC/Steam! Chicken Police – Paint it RED!, or Chicken Police for short, is a film noir detective story about chickens investigating a cat and her ties with a hamster. Everything blurs and focuses with the action and dialogue, or you can turn on a light to change the scenery. But while it isn’t overloaded with gameplay, it’s a page-turner from start to finish, and we would happily spend more time with its characters in cases to come. It’s pretty adult in tone, with plenty of swearing, murder, and brothels, so this isn’t one for the kids. Overall Score. The story itself is a rollercoaster of plot twists and turns, and for the most part they land well without requiring too many leaps of the imagination. gesturing and even shaking if under pressure. Chicken Police is far better than I'd expected it to be, due in no small part to the way it nails the noir aesthetic. Chicken Police: Paint it RED! It’s a pretty simple process, but it works well, and it’s just a fun thing to get to do every now and again. is a film noir-inspired point-and-click adventure with animal heads that's every bit as nutty as it sounds. If you like a good story then this isn’t much of a problem, but modern video games often work best when there are multiple ways to find a solution. Chicken Police - Paint it RED! Want to share your own thoughts about this game? Turning point-and-click into point-and-cluck, The Wild Gentlemen’s Chicken Police is a delightfully mad love song to film noir. Right on the D-pad opens up your briefcase, which is essentially an item screen, although it’s relatively underused – this is not a point and click based on puzzles and combining items. Review: Chicken Police – Paint it RED! Chicken Police has a soundtrack of a dozen or so 1930s-esque jazz and ambient tracks that feel pitch perfect for gumshoe investigating round the city. Getting gritty with this noir visual novel by The Wild Gentlemen. November 5, 2020 November 5, 2020 by Curtis Pyke. Chicken Police focus on atmosphere rather than on challenge. Whilst its world is plunged into shades of dark and light, Chicken Police showcases plenty of colour elsewhere in its eccentric cast of characters, each accompanied by some excellent voice acting. 50° 8.5/10. Chicken Police clocks in at 5 hours, making it difficult to knock it for packing said hours with extra variety. is a pastiche of 50’s hard-boiled detective stories where all the elements are in place, everything from femme fatals to trench coat-clad men with cigars in their mouths. It's a nice way of packing in additional background to the story, from the early “Meat Wars” to the founders of Clawville, without spelling everything out through in-game exposition. Chicken Police is a stunner in every sense of the word. Before long Marty is at your side giving his quips and thoughts and discussing every item with Sonny, and the whole thing just starts to take on a life of its own that I have rarely seen in a point and click. Chicken Police - Paint it RED! 85/100. Full Game Details Click on an item and Sonny will narrate about it in his detective drawl and how its mixed up with better times in the past, or how it might connect with the investigation. For our full review policy, please go here. Share Share Tweet Email. Curta a página e siga em outras redes. - Your guide to Game, TV and Movie Releases. The light painted stripes on her body. With slick production values, this is one hard-boiled detective story with a … Usually a genre with a lot of silent down-time and thinking and item combinations, Chicken Police does away with that, and instead veers much more towards visual novel territory. This is from the first meeting with Ibanez standing next to the blinds in the office – ‘She stood in the darkness. It's up to a reluctant but intrigued Sonny to find out who's behind the threats, but as the story inevitably gets more and more out of hand, he’s forced to call on his old pal Marty to team up and become the infamous Chicken Police once more. 40° Chicken Police | Quick and Dirty 30. Set in Clawville, a seedy beastly LA in the gangster-fuelled 1930s, Chicken Police starts like all good detective stories, with an innocent dame arriving at the barely lit office of a down-on-his-luck detective. The game mixes elements of classic adventure games with visual novel-style storytelling. Ripstone’s Poker Club gets priced and reveals new gameplay video. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. An old-fashioned hard-boiled point and click adventure, in Chicken Police animals have taken the places of the normal noir cast. Here I am. Your email address will not be published. Review. Dirt 5 (Xbox One) Review – Mud and Thunder. Chicken Police clucks in at 10 hours of fantastic detective fiction, which feels like an almost perfect length. All that means even a confusing interrogation feature and some tacked-on puzzles aren't enough to clip this game's ambitious wings. 50° 8.5/10. November 18, 2020. Chicken Police is available 5th November on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC via Steam (review platform). Some are fun, like a safecracking challenge that requires you to hunt around to find the code. Just when I thought I have seen it all…a game utilizing animal heads with human bodies comes and fascinates me. Review A “detective meter” on the right side of the screen shoots up or down after each question you ask, depending on how successfully you focused on this trait, and a ranking at the end of the mini-game shows how well you cracked your subject. It's almost a shame that it's so easy to miss these extras if you don't pay close attention to your notes. It’s both hilarious and serious, but Chicken Police is more than just 2020’s weirdest game. Animals that think they’re human – Check. Just four months away from retirement, Sonny is unexpectedly visited by one Deborah Ibanez, the impala errand girl of Natasha Catzenko, owner of the popular Czar Club. It’s a setup that could have come from the best noir films and novels, like the Maltese Falcon, or The Big Sleep. His ex-partner, and still on the force, is Marty MacChicken, a rooster with no respect for authority and an itchy trigger finger, but he’s got Sonny’s back. By Nathan P. Gibson Nov 05, 2020. The questioning minigame tries to do this, because there is more than one route through the questioning to the information you need, but I wanted more of this in other parts of the game. It’s an excuse to go back to the run-down office, collect together suspect photos, clues and items, and make some connections, literally. Your email address will not be published. TSA writes: "Its not often that the name of a game alone will make me take an interest, but Chicken Police is one such game. Once you get over the slightly absurd sight of their half-animal, half-human bodies, you can choose to at first “Look” or “Speak” to your furry, feathered or scaly friends by clicking the appropriate function on the interaction wheel. Chatting to everyone in the town of Clawville may unlock key information in your case, or it may just reveal a little more of the extensive lore of this unusual world you're inhabiting. Chicken Police Review in 3 Minutes: This absurd noir mystery from The Wild Gentlemen and HandyGames talks too much but is a solid game. The character interactions and dialog is funny and has great banter with hints at history and backstory. The player takes control of furloughed chicken police detective Sontino “Sonny” Featherland. REVIEW / Chicken Police (PS4) Albert E. Tweet. For me, someone who is always happiest when a game has a deft plot, this was a boon on top of what was already a damn near perfect game. Ad Predatory division, nicknamed as the Chicken Police. Chicken Police breathes atmosphere into your eyes, but also your ears. Don’t count your chickens just yet, read the Finger Guns Review: I’m not sure that up until now there’s been a game more precision aimed at me than Chicken Police. By Nathan P. Gibson Nov 05, 2020 At first glance, it is tough to come up with a sensible first impression of Chicken Police: Paint It Red. Otherwise, Chicken Police is made up of still screens detailing the dive bars, police departments, and seedy offices of the city. You can then unlock Ask, which will allow you to start asking questions from a list of topics to do with things you’ve heard and clues that have popped up in previous conversations or in this one. PS4 Review | Pure PlayStation. If you enjoyed this article or any more of our content, please consider our Patreon. All it’s missing is some cyberpunk and I think it would have ticked every box I have. What’s more impressive is how expressive and personable they all are, but I think that’s mostly down to the masterful voice work across the cast. Whilst its world is … It uses photograph avatars, human bodies with animal heads, which are literally photos of human actors doing the actions, with animated animal heads on top. Don’t expect high octane from the get-go, as you’ll be slightly underwhelmed. Review e gameplay do jogo Chicken Police - Paint it Red no PlayStation 5. It’s stylish, sassy and fun – Sin City with a wattle. Chicken Police - Paint It RED! Perhaps the most odd game I have ever played! Well, Chicken Police will definitely have you hooked if so! Chicken Police – Paint it RED!, or Chicken Police for short, is a film noir detective story about chickens investigating a cat and her ties with a hamster. The investigation takes our duo across the city, from seedy dive bars to high-class clubs, from brothels for the rich and famous to the dirty docks where bodies can be dumped. Share your personal score, or better yet, leave your own review! on PC, based on critic and gamer review scores. Click on a person and you have up to four options gaining in severity. The dame in question is an Impala named Deborah Ibanez, looking for Sonny to investigate some threats against her mistress, one Natasha Catzenko, a feline fatale from the best noir films. A very special point and click visual novel, Chicken Police is the perfect hard-boiled detective game you always wanted, just populated with animals. And as with all the best examples of that moody genre, though you'll inevitably first be smitten by its visuals – in this case, striking black-and-white scenes of freakish animals with human bodies – there's also a lot of substance to go with the style. Chicken Police becomes a delightful game to guess what each new character's accent may be, so varied and vast are the offerings. 17d ago. I was guessing the final suspect only half an hour or so before the roosters actually found the clues that backed up my theory and made the connections to prove it. If I had to pick an issue with Chicken Police it would perhaps be its linearity. PS4 Review | Pure PlayStation. Pin It. The game is also available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Turning point-and-click into point-and-cluck, The Wild Gentlemen’s Chicken Police is a delightfully mad love song to film noir. But with only a few more weeks left until his retirement as he wallows in his office on paid leave, Sonny gets a mysterious visit from a doe-eyed ... well, doe named Deborah. But enough complaining – Chicken Police is an excellent game, one that is tailored wonderfully for the Switch's handheld mode, running at the … World-building feels real. Ad 16d ago. A hard-boiled point and click murder mystery, Chicken Police swaps the humans for the animals and colour for black and white. Chicken Police – Paint it Red! December 2, 2020. by Grunt Knuckles. Chicken Police – Paint it Red on Xbox One is a real surprise – a glorious homage to Detective Noir fiction. Throw in the name of his long-estranged wife and it’s hard for Sonny to turn down the job, but thinking things could get rough due to the boyfriend, he enlists the help of his old partner Marty MacChicken. You play as Sonny Featherland, a weary semi-alcoholic who once ruled the roost with his former partner Marty MacChicken as the famous detective duo the Chicken Police, before they nearly killed each other on their last case. It’s really something special, and though it may be short, it’s a quality ride from start to finish. - No Fowl Play Here, This Is A Great Detective Adventure - No Fowl Play Here, This Is A Great Detective Adventure 3 days ago It's as if the developers decided that talking to lots of different animals wasn't quite enough variety for a 7-8 hour game, so they resolved to try a few things to shake it up a bit. - Your guide to Game, TV and Movie Releases. review by Nicola Ardron on . The CRPG Book - A guide to Computer Role Playing Games, Beautifully rendered black-and-white visuals that truly encapsulate the genre, Interrogation sequences are confusingly implemented, New notebook additions aren’t laid out in a clear way. And finally some characters need to be grilled, and the last option is Question, more of an official Chicken Police business type questioning. But there’s plenty more to do than just listen to conversations. If you thought Zootopia had an issue with its carnivores versus herbivores, then Clawville has it beat. Beneath the clucked-up surface is a genuinely engrossing story, amazingly developed characters and a cast that brings them to life. Chicken Police: Paint it Red Review | Good Cock, Back Cock Sri Kandula November 05, 2020. The worldbuilding is interesting, the puzzle gameplay was fun, and the voice acting was very strong throughout. Just four months away from retirement, Sonny is unexpectedly visited by one Deborah Ibanez, the impala errand girl of Natasha Catzenko, owner of the popular Czar Club. And it’s not long before they discover a body. This punishment doesn't seem to have any bearing on the story, so it actually doesn't matter much except for achievement hunters, but it still feels like a clunky addition to an otherwise smooth experience. Make some connections that feel a little more like I’d made them myself rather than finally hit on the right question to ask. Chicken Police – Paint it RED! Confused yet? With narrative-based gameplay, gritty themes and an absurd, unique sense of humor. Insects selling their larvae to expensive restaurants as food, corruption on the police force, bodies turning up every day, and animals lying to each other every night. You can easily fail a questioning if you’re constantly belligerent or insulting, or take too many routes that steer away from the focus of the investigation. But is it a poultry offering, or a baker’s dozen? Chicken Police – Paint it RED! Chicken Police – Paint It Red Review | The PlayStation Brahs. Atmospheric and funny, with some fantastic writing and voice work, Chicken Police is one of the best indie games of the year. When it comes to story, Chicken Police is a bit of a slow start. One thing every good cop show has in common – a good wall collage of all the suspects, and their links with each other, tacked together by pieces of red cord and pushpins. Chicken Police – Game review. directly before my final papers were due, but the second I saw the trailer, I couldn’t resist. Some locations are “main scenes,” meaning visiting them will progress the story, whilst others are “limited scenes,” meaning you might unlock interesting tidbits about the world and its characters by visiting them, but there won't be anything crucial to the plot there. The gameplay lies in the questioning and finding clues, rather than obtuse item puzzles. Review. Chicken Police: Paint It Red Review - A Thrilling Film Noir Detective Adventure. (Nintendo Switch) 7. Other than falling fowl of having too many unnecessary mini-games, Chicken Police intrigues with its eye-catching visuals, superb voice acting and peck-uliar film noir-style story. So the Chief of Police is Bloodboyle, a grizzled, tired old bloodhound; whilst the owner of an exclusive brothel and ex-spy, Madam Zaiwass, is of course a cold-blooded crocodile. 20° Fresh. Chicken Police is a narrative-driven detective game that hits all the right notes thanks to a stylish film noir presentation and a compelling story. Let yourself ease into the game and be patient with it, as it shows its splendor to you over the course of several hours. Chicken Police - Paint it RED! Chicken Police – Game review Releasing today, on all platforms from the developers over at The Wild Gentlemen, a point-and-click film noir detective adventure game set in the fictional world of the wilderness. There’s also a short and simple shooting section, as your car speeds away from gangsters hot on your tail, leaving you firing at them with a left-click and ducking bullets with a right. Then it was on to the conclusion which was telegraphed enough that you could go back and search for some collectibles if you wanted before confronting your main suspect. It’s evocative and makes you feel like you’re in a noir caper immediately. An early number from songstress and femme fatale Natasha Catsenko performed in a cutscene at the chic Czar Bar is a highlight, even if the sight of watching a half-cat, half-human saunter seductively around a stage is a strange one. Clicking away on a keyboard. When you hard-boil it down, Chicken Police is and old-fashioned point and click like the classics of the genre. But other activities just feel tacked on, like a mini-game for zipping up the dress of an otherwise naked cat in a brothel, which feels creepy and put in for shock factor. Makes you feel like a real chicken, err I mean, detective. Chicken Police – Paint it RED! And the world itself is never silent, with traffic and conversational ambience in any of the street or club scenes. Watch Playthrough (walkthrough). Get Chicken Police on Steam. Predatory division, nicknamed as the Chicken Police. is a noir point-and-click adventure where all inhabitants are some form of anthropomorphic animal. Stepping beyond the fourth wall a little bit, Sonny will tell you about a personality trait of the animal you're questioning – say, being very protective, or very honest – and how you should focus on that attribute in your line of inquiry. Chicken Police has a truly inspired style for its furry characters. Well, let me clarify. The plot and the step by step of the investigation could be argued to be pretty linear, without much chance to allow for you to discover things in a different order, but that does also mean it’s hard to get stuck and things flow nicely. The game, developed by the Hungarian Indie team “ The Wild Gentleman “, certainly strikes as unique, … I loved most everything about it, from its animal-filled world to … 0. Clicking “Interrogate” will bring up a mini-game. For the most part, though, it’s time to get chatting to the game’s cast of larger-than-life anthropomorphic animals. Finally, a few times during the game the trail runs a little cold, but that’s not an issue. Of all that’s furry, Chicken Police is a phenomenal achievement, and I can’t cluck about it enough. After being unlocked, each area in the game, be it Sonny's room at the near-empty Hotel Atlas or the classy Czar Bar, appears on a map that can be brought up with the click of an icon in the top right-hand corner. Chicken Police – Paint It Red Review | The PlayStation Brahs. Completely batshit, Chicken Police: Paint It RED! A wild tale of love, death, chickens, and redemption! Review. Review Chicken Police - Paint it RED! PC Review … After making idle chitchat with your animal acquaintances, you will frequently unlock the option to “Ask” them more detailed questions. It was a dark and stormy night when this game, with gams for miles, stepped into my office: Chicken Police – Paint It RED!, her name was. Each locale and character is sumptuously brought to life in stylish monochrome by using a mixture of actual photos and realistically rendered backgrounds, and the effect is stunning. It’s a pretty simple process, but it works well, and it’s just a fun thing to get to do every now and again.

chicken police review

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